Google app for kids makes it fun to explore the Himalayas

Who doesn't want to explore the mountain range as jetpack-riding Yeti?

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Google app for kids makes it fun to explore the Himalayas
Zooming around part of the Himalayas (and its tallest peak) on Google Street View might already be fun for a lot of people, but you'll have to amp up the fun factor if you want grab kids' attention. Google's solution for that is giving kids (and adults) a way to explore 3D imagery of the mountain range as a very friendly, 500-foot-tall Yeti. The tech titan's new Android app called Verne: The Himalayas, puts you in control of a Yeti that can climb mountains on foot, fly around in a jetpack, a hang glider or a balloon and even skate across frozen lakes. Verne can also play traditional Himalayan instruments and make friends with yaks.

The Yeti can do all that while a disembodied voice talks in the background to dispense random trivia about the mountain range -- the app's supposed to be fun and educational, after all. Mountain View didn't say whether this marks the beginning of a series of educational applications for children. But if you need something, anything to distract your kids right this moment, check out the app on Google Play.

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