Intel is building a virtual reality studio in LA

It's called the Intel Tech Experience Labs, though details are scarce at this point.

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Intel has dropped another virtual reality revelation at this year's developer conference besides its new Project Alloy all-in-one headset. Apparently, it's also building a new studio in Los Angeles, which company chief Brian Krzanich called the "Intel Tech Experience Labs," specifically for sports and entertainment virtual reality projects. While the company hasn't released more details about the studio yet, LA Times said it will focus on helping companies and other third parties create VR videos using Intel's technology. VentureBeat also said that the studio will build upon the 360-degree replay tech Intel purchased earlier this year that the NBA used to show different angles of the court.

By building a VR studio, Intel is following in the footsteps of other companies that already made the investment. Facebook's Oculus has the Story Studio, pretty much the Pixar of virtual reality, that churns out short films. YouTube's LA and NYC offices are already equipped with their own VR rigs, and even Engadget's parent company AOL snapped up a VR studio for 360-degree HuffPo videos. Intel will most likely release more details about its venture in the future -- we'll keep you updated when we hear more.

Disclosure: As you probably know by now, Engadget is owned by AOL.