TomTom's new fitness tracker can analyze your body composition

The company also introduced two GPS watches.

Today at IFA 2016, TomTom revealed a trio of new wearables, including its first fitness tracker. Unlike other similar devices, the new TomTom Touch has one feature that particularly stands out: it can analyze your body composition. That's something you typically only see on smart scales, so it's interesting to see TomTom bring this over to a fitness tracker. Not only does the Touch show you body fat and muscle percentage, but it also monitors your heart rate continuously, as well as count your calories and steps. Pictured above, the sleek wearable will hit stores in October for $130/£130.

Additionally, TomTom rolled out two GPS watches for outdoor enthusiasts. For starters, there's the Spark 3, which comes with 24/7 GPS tracking and 3GB of built-in storage for music playback. Compared to its predecessor, the third-generation Spark sports a route exploration feature, which lets you view your starting and current location and shows you the direction you're moving in. You're also able to manage and upload your own trails (15 max), including those from third-party services such as Strava.

The TomTom Adventurer, meanwhile, has everything that the Spark 3 does plus a barometer. This is designed for hikers, skiers, snowboarders or trail runners who want to track 3D distance, altitude, longitude, total ascent and other things like that. Most importantly, the company claims its Adventurer has a 24-hour battery life, and that's great considering it monitors heart rate, calories and steps too. It also automatically detects your runs, in case you want to check out your max speed and more.

TomTom does have a companion app (web, iOS and Android) for its new wearables, dubbed MySports, for those who want a more detailed breakdown of their activities. Unfortunately, we didn't get to fully test out any of these, as the devices we demoed were prototypes. That said, similar to TomTom's Touch, the Spark 3 and Adventurer will also be available next month for $250 and $350, respectively. It's a steep price, but both come with Bluetooth earphones in the box, which should keep you from having to spend extra cash on a pair later on.

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