Watch Apple's iPhone 7 event in 15 minutes

Don't have time to rewatch the whole thing? We've got you covered.
Billy Steele
B. Steele|09.07.16

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Billy Steele
September 7, 2016 8:42 PM
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Today's Apple event was jam packed with new gear, new features and more. If you missed any of the details on the new iPhone 7 and 7s, including all of the info on the new camera tech, we've got a quick recap for you. Catch up on all of today's announcements from the stage in just 15 minutes. We've done all of the hard work, so if you don't have time to re-watch the two-hour event, you can still get the low down on Apple Watch Series 2, AirPods and more.

Click here to catch all the latest news from the Apple's "See You" event.

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