Live from Apple's iPhone 7 launch!

Stay tuned afterward for our first look at the new phone.

It's September and Apple is hosting an event. That can only mean one thing: New iPhones are afoot. You may have heard that the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are rumored to ditch the headphone jack, but we're also hearing talk of larger (maybe even dual) cameras, a pressure-sensitive home button, increased base storage and possible new color options. Even if the no-headphone-jack thing ends up feeling unsurprising, though, we'll still be curious to hear how Apple justifies the move to would-be buyers, who are likely pretty set in their ways.

Also at today's keynote we expect to get release dates for the latest versions of iOS, macOS and watchOS, and maybe even a look at the long-awaited second-gen Apple Watch. As for other hardware, reports point to an upcoming Mac refresh, but don't necessarily expect to see the new models today. Then again, we could be totally wrong there. There's only one way to find out: Tune in to Engadget at 1PM Eastern today as we liveblog the event from start to finish.

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