Raspberry Pi has now sold 10 million computers

The UK company says it's 'just getting started.'

There's no doubt about it: the Raspberry Pi has changed the game for tech hobbyists and tinkerers alike. In four and a half years, we've seen the company expand its line-up to cater for smaller budgets, incorporate more features into its computing boards and inspire kids all over the world to get into coding. In February 2015, Raspberry Pi Foundation CEO Eben Upton confirmed 5 million units had been sold -- today, he announced that figure has doubled. That's right, 10 million Raspberry Pis have been now shipped to customers all over the world.

To celebrate the milestone, the UK company has launched what it refers to as "the perfect bundle." The official Raspberry Pi Starter Kit contains a Raspberry Pi 3, an 8GB SD card with the NOOBs operating system preloaded, an official Kinneir Dufort case, a 2.5 amp power supply, a one meter HDMI cable and bundled mouse and keyboard. However, given its £99 price tag, this "premium" product probably won't eat into the revenues of third-party resellers like Pimoroni that have created their own bundles.

Currently, the Raspberry Pi Starter Kit is only available in the UK but the Foundation says sales will expand to the rest of the world in the coming weeks. "Thanks to you, we've beaten our wildest dreams by three orders of magnitude," says Upton. "And we're only just getting started."