The PS4's HDR-friendly update arrives September 13th

It also brings interface upgrades, including a few that haven't been revealed until now.

Sony has been talking about the PlayStation 4's big version 4 update for weeks on end, and now it's (almost) here. The company has confirmed that the new software will reach existing consoles on September 13th, and it'll have even more than first promised. You know about headliners like high dynamic range video support, home screen folders and a revamped Quick Menu. However, there are a few perks, some of which are hardware-dependent. If you snag a PS4 Pro, you'll get 1080p Remote Play and Share Play streaming, 1080p Twitch live broadcasts and 1080p YouTube broadcasts at 60 frames per second. It's also easier to transfer data to a new PS4 thanks to support for shuffling data over a local wired network -- you won't have to re-download content from the internet just to pick up where you left off.

Some of the previously unmentioned tweaks will run on any system. That new Quick Menu has an upgraded music section that helps you control Spotify music without launching Spotify's app. You'll likewise see improvements to the What's New and content information screens, both of which should have simpler interfaces and better at-a-glance views of what's going on. In short: between new PS4 hardware and the version 4 update, Sony is determined to keep the PS4 fresh amidst competition that isn't standing still.