Over 70 Galaxy Note 7 phones have overheated in the US alone

Some of them even made the news.

When Samsung first issued an official statement about the Galaxy Note 7's battery issue, the company said there were 35 cases of phones overheating from around the globe. Well, we're way past that number now. According to the Canadian government, the company has received over 70 reports in the US alone. See, Samsung teamed up with Health Canada to help it get the recall ball rolling in the country. In an effort to convince consumers to return their shiny new phones that might suddenly explode, the government agency added that tidbit in the report.

Those 70-plus cases include a few high-profile ones you may have seen in the news lately. A man in Florida said his Jeep Cherokee went up in flames after a Note 7 exploded inside, while a six-year-old boy from Brooklyn suffered burns when a Note 7 blew up in his hands. Although 70 cases may not seem like that many, the Consumer Product Safety Commission already issued an official warning asking people to stop using the device. Various airlines all over the globe also banned passengers from using the phone on their planes.

Swapping your Note 7 for a loaner phone or a new one that's been declared safe really sounds like the best option at this point. If you haven't looked it up yet, check out Samsung's explanation on how recalls will work within the US and ask your carrier what your choices are.