GOG adds 'Hotline Miami' and other Steam games to your library

Alongside a new sale, GOG Connect is returning to give you more DRM-free copies of games you already own.

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Colony of Gamers, Flickr
Colony of Gamers, Flickr

GOG is extending its efforts to liberate your games from Steam's copyright protection. Alongside a back-to-school sale, the online game store is expanding its GOG Connect effort to cover 17 more games, including Hotline Miami, the 2013 Shadow Warrior remake and the space exploration title X Rebirth. It's the same drill as before: connect your Steam account and you can grab DRM-free copies of those games at no charge, helping you back them up or move them without hassles. The focus remains on indie games, but it's still good news if you're worried that you've put too many eggs in Steam's basket.

As for the sale? The newly-launched promo will have discounts on more than 300 games, at least some of which are big names like Dragon Age: Origins, Day of the Tentacle Remastered and Dying Light: The Following. Much like a Steam sale, you probably won't get the best deals (up to 90 percent off) on the hits. History suggests that these will be so-so games that didn't sell well even while new. Nonetheless, now might be a good time to go shopping if you're looking for new things to play and don't want to either spend a lot or send money Valve's way.

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