Amazon picks up 'Lore' TV series

A member of the 'X-Files' team is joining the crew of the podcast-turned-TV show.

Though comic conventions might traditionally be the domain of superheroes and space epics, Amazon Studios used its New York Comic Con panel today to announce that Amazon Prime will be the home of the upcoming Lore TV series, based on the popular nonfiction podcast of the same name. Producer Gale Anne Hurd and program creator Aaron Mahnke were on hand to talk about the show, set to debut on Amazon Prime in early 2017.

Gale Anne Hurd and Doug Mahnke

As announced back in April, the show will be a mixed-media program, using narration and some re-enactments to delve into the background of various popular myths and legends. Hurd further elaborated on this premise, stating that the team is currently in talks with various documentary makers to contribute work to the program. But there's also still going to be a fictional flair to the series, as they've enlisted the help of X-Files alum Glen Morgan as showrunner -- Mahnke specifically name-checked classic creepfest episode "Home" as an inspiration.

Amazon Studios panel

Graham Yost, Giovanni Ribisi, Barry Josephson, Ben Edlund and moderator Jamie Hector

Also in attendance at the panel were Sneaky Pete writer and producer Graham Yost and star Giovanni Ribisi, as well as Ben Edlund and Barry Josephson of the recently-greenlit Tick live-action TV series. Edlund hinted that a big part of the upcoming season of his show will involve a government organization that oversees superheroic activity, and that the writers are looking to build a "superhero comedic universe you can invest in and care about."

Sneaky Pete and The Tick will also debut on Amazon Prime next year.