Nature documentary 'Planet Earth II' looks absolutely stunning

A/V gearheads have a lot to look forward to with the BBC's shot-in-4K sequel.


For people who love showing off their high-end A/V gear, documentaries from BBC Earth are about as good as it gets for infinitely rewatchable reference material. But the clock ticks ever forward and some of those older releases don't look quite as good anymore thanks to screen sizes getting dramatically bigger and pixel counts higher. But now we have our first glimpse at the shot-in-4K Planet Earth II by way of a trailer from BBC One.

As you might expect, it looks great, even with YouTube's compression and a max resolution of 1080p. Judging by the minute of footage embedded above, this installment will cover everything from Komodo dragons, a giraffe being taken down by a lioness and swimming sloths (!!!).

There isn't anything else by way of details, sadly, so we're left guessing exactly what BBC's definition of "soon" is in terms of an air date. Same goes for word if the series will broadcast (or stream) in UHD. What we do know, however, is that the inimitable Sir David Attenborough will lend his dulcet tones for narration -- as nature intended. Given the timing, chances are we could have an Ultra HD Blu-ray version of this before even seeing a glimpse of Netflix's Our Planet, which is scheduled to release in 2019.

[Thanks Anthony!]