Sony's PlayStation VR teardown video is a soothing diversion

Take a moment for a different sort of immersive experience.

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Andrew Dalton
October 11th, 2016
PlayStationReport (YouTube)
PlayStationReport (YouTube)

Sony's PlayStation VR headset might not have the graphics horsepower of the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift, but the lower price tag, the widely available PS4 hardware and bigger game selection make it an attractive option for an entry-level VR rig. Of course, none of that matters when you're watching it get slowly and methodically dismantled by Sony Interactive's mechanical design director Takamasa Araki.

Unlike other teardown videos, this one is a little light on the technical specs. But if you're a fan of neatly organized things, you could certainly do worse than to spend the next 12 minutes or so watching Araki precisely removing every screw, motion sensor, silicon chip and rubber seal that makes up Sony's first big leap into consumer VR. And if you still need the nitty gritty specs afterwards, well Sony has already published a lengthy FAQ right here.

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