Apple adds SIM-free iPhone 7 and 7 Plus option in the US

It's also unlocked, so you can use any carrier you want.

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Mariella Moon
October 14, 2016 8:31 AM
Will Lipman
Will Lipman

Apple has started selling SIM-free iPhone 7 and 7 Plus -- on its US website, at least -- just like it did for the previous models. It's the way to go if you'd rather not be tied down with a two-year AT&T, T-mobile, Sprint or Verizon contract. The unit you're getting is also unlocked and supports both CDMA and GSM networks, so you can take it to any carrier you want to get the best plan for your lifestyle.

The moment you click "SIM-free" on the iPhone 7 section, you'll get taken through a series of pages where you can choose its finish and storage size. Take note that you'll have to wait twice as long (six to eight weeks) to get the Jet Black version, which isn't really surprising, since it sold out way back in mid-September. Also, you'll have pay for the phone's full price, though Apple does offer up to 18 months of special financing. If this is the first time you're getting a SIM-free iPhone, don't forget to read the FAQ on the website to make sure you know exactly what you're getting.
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