Adult Swim's latest game embraces cassette glitches

'Small Radios Big Televisions' will mess with your mind when it arrives November 8th.

Does something look slightly off with picture you see above? Don't worry, that's on purpose. Adult Swim Games and Fire Face are launching the surreal puzzler Small Radios Big Televisions on November 8th for PC and PS4, and its hook is a time-traveling cassette deck that lets you "reconstruct the past" of abandoned factories through tapes. Only here, reality is just as fragile as the tapes in question -- expect plenty of distortion, discoloration and other glitches that could play havoc with your head. Complete them and you'll find retrowave tunes from Owen Deery (also available on Bandcamp) as a reward. Given Adult Swim's solid track record with releasing off-kilter titles like Headlander and Westerado, it could be worth a try just to see how well this analog-meets-digital premise turns out.