Nissan's latest EV conceals the hottest of hot desks

Park yourself at the office.

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Nissan's latest EV conceals the hottest of hot desks

To prove the versatility of electric vehicles -- and probably just for the heck of it -- Nissan has transformed its workhorse e-NV200 electric van into a mobile office with a 106-mile range. UK-based design shop Studio Hardie took the humble delivery van/London taxi and loaded it up with all the slick amenities of a modern co-working space, from the minimalist leather-and-chrome desk chairs to the "barista quality" espresso machine.

Judging by the company's buzzword-laden press announcement, Nissan sees the awkwardly named e-NV200 WORKSPACe as the future of office work -- not just the future of transportation. The concept, "not only highlights the customizable potential of its electric van," the release says, "it paints a picture of what desk-based employment could look like in the future as hot-desking and flexible working grows in popularity across the globe."

To give digital nomads or office-free desk jockeys a comfortable place to work, Studio Hardie has built out the van's cargo area with a fold-out desk with a touchscreen HP computer, smartphone-controlled LED lighting, a wireless phone charger, Bluetooth speakers, a micro-fridge tucked into a drawer and the aforementioned pop-up coffee machine concealed beneath a countertop. If the weather happens to be nice, there's even a back deck that slides out from the rear bumper and a folding Brompton bike in a custom rack on the back door.

The e-NV200 gets just over 100 miles range on a charge, and Nissan says you can get up to 80 percent battery with just 30 minutes of charging. On the other hand, this is just a one-off concept, so the designers didn't offer any estimates about how many hours of work you'll be able to do before you need to plug in your whole office at an EV charging station.

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