Catch the first glimpse of Faraday Future's production EV

Confirmed: It looks like a car.

Faraday Future has yet to unveil its competitor to Tesla's line of commercial electric vehicles, but it seems we're getting closer. A video posted today teases the company's production vehicle as it sails down the desert turns at Willow Springs. "Can't hear the engine?" the video asks. "You're not supposed to." And that's about it.

Faraday Future doesn't offer any details about the vehicle, though we do know the company is gearing up for a big reveal at CES 2017 in January.

On top of its EV, Faraday Future has the FFZero1, a concept race car packed with future-centric upgrades like a smartphone in the steering wheel and a port in the headrest that pumps air and water into the driver's crash helmet. Clearly, the FFZero1 is not designed for trips to the grocery store. That's where the production car comes in.

The teaser video comes at an opportune moment for Faraday Future, as this week the company's financial stability was thrown into question. The Los Angeles Times reported that Faraday Future owes the company building its Las Vegas car factory $21 million, with an additional $25 million due in October and $12 million in November. Plus, it owes Nevada state a $75 million performance bond. Faraday Future has yet to comment on the reported financial issues.