All 4 is getting a new look with improved recommendations

Channel 4 is also investing in new original content for the platform.

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All 4 is getting a new look with improved recommendations

Channel 4 killed off 4oD and replaced it with the new, All 4 on-demand service early last year. Since then, All 4 has made its way onto several important TV-connected devices and brought live streaming to mobiles and tablets. Next up: A visual upgrade. Not too much will change when the new UI comes to big screens like smart TVs, set-top boxes and consoles within the next few weeks, before hitting iOS, Android and the web in due course. A new dark background and slightly rearranged card-like UI are among the changes, but Channel 4 is making a point of talking up the new home screen, which'll blend data-driven recommendations with hand-picked content from human curators.

Alongside news of the incoming UI update, Channel 4 also promised to pump millions into new original and acquired content for the platform. First comes the improved user experience, though, with new shows and shorts arriving on the platform throughout next year.

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