Lysol owner and Indiegogo team up to find the next... Lysol

Crowdfund a new health product and you might be discovered by a major chemical company.

Reckitt Benckiser's board thinks that there might be something in this crowdfunding lark for sourcing new product ideas. That's why the chemicals company behind Durex, Veet and Lysol is teaming up with Indiegogo for its Healthier Tomorrow Challenge. Money-hungry startups with ideas related to health products are offered the chance to take part in a Shark Tank-esque competition for RB's love. If you have an idea that the conglomerate thinks is a winner, you'll be offered support, mentoring and, potentially, access to RB's manufacturing and distribution channels.

The competition is broken down into categories including alleviating flu symptoms, drug-free pain relief and sexual wellbeing tools. If you develop, for instance, a new long-distance sex toy, TENS machine or a wearable that reminds people to take their vitamins, then sign up. Although if your magical new product doesn't fit into one of those categories, you're still encouraged to sign up anyway. The partnership with Indiegogo is designed to encourage potential ideas to go to the market to see if people like them -- a metric by which RB is likely to look favorably.