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Doppler's smart earbuds coming to sports events and museums

Here One earbuds let you listen to the game (and stream stats) while blocking crowd noise.

Doppler's smart earbuds coming to sports events and museums
Steve Dent
Steve Dent|@stevetdent|November 22, 2016 11:00 AM

Dopper Labs is partnering with the Cleveland Cavaliers, New York Philharmonic and San Francisco fine arts museums on new experiences for its Here One earbuds. They use "smart" active listening tech to intelligently block outside sounds or blend them with music. For instance, you can listen to tunes while walking, but still hear cars; or hear live on-field action with reduced crowd noise, all while streaming stats and play-by-play.

Doppler Labs is also partnering with the New York Mets, MADE Fashion Week, JetBlue, Gimlet Media and Coachella, promising "unique, contextual content and other enhanced acoustic experiences." For instance at the Philharmonic, attendees with Here One earphones will get a curated "custom audio commentary layered perfectly over the performance ... be it a deep dive on Tchaikovsky or the soloist performing Vivaldi's The Four Seasons," it said in a press release.

Or, at Cleveland Cavaliers games, fans can "stream real-time, play-by-play sports commentary, scores, and stats -- even content directly from the players -- over the real-world sounds of the game." The company's smart noise filters were specifically set up for Cleveland's Quicken Loans arena, so you can "selectively filter out crowd noise" and just hear sounds from the court.

Mets fans will be able to get play-by-play and other stats, while museum-goers at San Francisco fine arts museums can get "location-based insights" about exhibitions, while still discussing pieces with friends using the mixed listening feature.

The company says it will start bringing these experiences "throughout 2017." Unfortunately, the $299 Here One was supposed to arrive this month, but Doppler Labs has pushed back shipping to February of 2017, promising to fulfill all pre-orders by March. Also, some backers of Doppler's original Here Active Listening earbuds (that only cancel noise and don't stream music) appear to be disappointed, so you might want to wait for reviews on the Here One. We're hoping to get our hands on them at some point so that we can give you a better idea of how well they work.

Doppler's smart earbuds coming to sports events and museums