Intel forms a self-driving car technology group

It's serious about putting hardware in your future ride.

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Michael Short/Bloomberg via Getty Images
Michael Short/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Intel is no stranger to working on self-driving car technology, but it's now proving that it's committed for the long haul. As part of a broader organizational shuffle, the chip designer is forming an Autonomous Driving Group dedicated to these hands-off vehicles. The company's former Internet of Things lead Doug Davis will lead the new division alongside Kathy Winter, who comes from Delphi -- conveniently, one of Intel's self-driving partners.

Former ARM executive Tom Lanstzch will take Davis' previous spot as IoT lead.

It's too soon to say whether or not this is more than a formality, but it's not a shocking strategy. Intel is determined to stay relevant beyond the PC, and that means giving extra attention to categories like autonomy, IoT and wearables. The company can't afford to cede ground in the automotive world, either. NVIDIA is quickly making a name for itself in driverless tech, and a slow response could lead to Intel becoming a bit player in a particularly hot market.

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