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Watch the PlayStation Experience keynote right here!

Starting at 10AM PT, see what's in store for the PS4, PS4 Pro and PS VR in 2017.
Watch the PlayStation Experience keynote right here!
Jessica Conditt
Jessica Conditt|@JessConditt|December 3, 2016 12:45 PM

PlayStation Experience kicks off today in Anaheim, California, offering a weekend of gaming, Capcom and Call of Duty eSports tournaments, and plenty of news for fans of Sony's wares. The keynote starts at 10AM PT / 1PM ET and it's poised to feature a handful of game announcements and information about the PlayStation 4, PS4 Pro and PS VR as we head into 2017. Catch it all live right here, regardless of your proximity to Anaheim. Sometimes, the internet truly is incredible.

We're live at PlayStation Experience this weekend, so stay tuned for developer interviews and hands-on impressions of some of the coolest games at the show. Plus, follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see pictures and videos straight from the Anaheim Convention Center.

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Watch the PlayStation Experience keynote right here!