Handbrake's video conversion app update was 13 years in the making

Rip all the things.

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In the fast-moving world of modern app development, users can often wait days or a small number of weeks for an update. However, if you're the team behind Handbrake -- one of the world's most popular video conversion apps -- years can pass before you're ready to show off what you've been working on. Well, 13 years to be exact. After more than a decade in development and available as a beta release, the Handbrake team has released version 1.0.0 of its transcoding software, which delivers a much-needed set of new features.

One of the most welcome additions is the availability of new video presets, which now include settings for the latest smartphones, tablets, consoles and streaming devices. If you're looking to (legally) back up your movie collection, the app also includes new Matroska presets, offering support for Google's VP9 video codec and Opus audio. Other noteworthy inclusions are the ability to select specific DVD titles and chapters to rip, improved subtitle support and the option to queue up multiple encodes.

Although Handbrake is easy to use, it does take time to find what settings work for you. With this is mind, the team has released new online documentation for its Windows, Mac and Linux app, which takes you through the best ways to convert video, create advanced workflows and troubleshoot any problems you might come up against.