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Politwoops is back preserving politicians' deleted tweets

You can now search and filter those brain farts.

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Politwoops is back in action, capturing and storing the boneheaded mistakes of politicians around the world. Twitter pulled the plug on the site last June, claiming that it violated user privacy and its terms and conditions. However, newly reinstated CEO Jack Dorsey said that Twitter has a responsibility to aid public transparency and specifically called out Politwoops as the kind of organization he wants to support. After Twitter reinstated the site last week, it's now back online, and its parent, the Open State Foundation has added some features in the interim.

As before, you can see deleted tweets from politicians in 25 nations across the world, including the US, most of Europe and parts of Asia. However, the site now lets you search and filter through deleted tweets based on state, party and political position, though filtering appears to only work in the US for now. Since a lot of tweets are deleted because of simple typos or link errors, a new date search option will help filter those out. The site has restored tweets from before Twitter banned it, but says it's still working to get new tweets up on a country-by-country basis. Once that happens, you may want to get the popcorn for the upcoming US primaries and presidential election.

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