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Alienware announces Oculus-ready PCs, teases OLED laptop

More powerful machines and higher quality screens

Breaking down and accepting the Oculus Rift's $599 price tag is just the first step of experiencing virtual reality. The second step is getting yourself a gaming PC capable of running high-end VR content. That means juggling specs, buying the right parts, buildling a machine... or picking up an Oculus-Ready certified build from Alienware.

Right now the company's Oculus certified systems totals to only one: the Alienware X51. Starting at $1,200, the VR-ready X1 comes with an Intel Core i5-6400, NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 970 GPU and 8GB of RAM. It's powerful enough to run VR, but the total price is pretty steep: $1,800 for a complete, VR ready PC.

Looking for something that still looks really nice isn't quite as cutting edge? Alienware has you covered, too. The company is upgrading its 13-inch gaming laptop with an OLED display, offering better contrast and brighter color reproduction to players on the go. High-resolution OLED displays are becoming a bit of a trend for ultrabooks and laptops, but this is one of the first gaming rigs to adopt the panel. You'll have to wait until Spring to get it, however.

Alienware's VR-ready PCs, on the other hand? Those are up for sale right now.

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