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ICYMI: Smart sweat detector, AI for gaming and more

Berkeley's sensor can tell you when to chug Gatorade.

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Today on In Case You Missed It: Berkeley researchers developed a wearable sensor that can track the chemicals inside your sweat. The idea is that it can help identify dehydration, muscle fatigue and stress, though it could also help spot disease flare-ups for the diabetic.

Google's artificial intelligence lab built an algorithm that beat a champion Go player at the game-- the first time that's ever been done by a machine, since it's one of the most complicated board games.

The gene that triggers schizophrenia has been discovered by a team of scientists with the Broad Institute. It is a gene that regulates immune system functions, just unfortunately has a habit of killing connections to brain cells in some cases. That loss of connection is what leads to the disease.

And finally, we loved the video of a paraglider seemingly moving through a breathtaking Aurora Borealis display in Norway.

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