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Google shutters My Tracks outdoor activity-logging app

If you're logging bike rides and runs with the app, export your info before April 30th.
Billy Steele
01.29.16 in Gadgetry

Google's My Tracks app for logging outdoor activity isn't long for this world. The company plans to shutter the software at the end of April, though it regularly updated the GPS-based app in quite some time. This isn't just an end of support, the app won't run at all after that date. If you stuck with My Tracks, Google says you can export collected data to Drive or external storage. The company says closing down the app will allow it to focus on "more wide-reaching mapping projects."

Based on which details you want to keep -- locations, markers, photos and sensor data are all available -- you'll need to select the appropriate file format. In terms of a replacement, you might want to consider Google Fit, Strava, Endomondo, Map My Run, Map My Hike and more to keep tabs on your outdoor exploits. Details on how to secure your data before April 30th can be found here.

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