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Select Twitter users are seeing a dedicated GIF button

It gave some Android users quick access to trending GIFs for a short while.

Twitter has begun testing a new feature for fans of reaction GIFs. Some users have spotted a dedicated GIF button in their Android apps, smack dab in the middle of the camera and poll icons. Bank of the Ozarks Director of Marketing Phil Pearlman was able to test it out for TechCrunch and discovered that the new button is a portal to a selection of trending GIFs. It also categorizes entries based on moods, so you can easily find Captain Picard if you want to facepalm. A lot of people, including Pearlman, only had access to the button for a short while, though -- it disappeared from their apps as quickly as it came.

Twitter will probably work with GIF sources (such as Giphy) like Facebook does if the feature gets a wider release, but only the company can say for sure. TechCrunch tried to ask for more info, but a spokesperson merely responded with an apt Justin Bieber GIF. Despite the lack of a longer response, we know Twitter's fond of testing experimental features. This might make it to everyone's apps in the future; for now, you'll have to continue scouring the internet for reaction GIFs of your own.

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