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Cops nab man for crashing a drone into the Empire State building

He made his arrest easy by asking for his drone back.

A New Jersey native's drone has recently crashed into the Empire State building, and unlike the person whose machine hit Seattle's Great Wheel, he didn't get away with it. Authorities have arrested the man an NBC affiliate identified as Sean Nivin Riddle after his drone struck the iconic building's 40th floor, ultimately landing on the 35th. While authorities didn't mention what the drone's purpose was in flying around NYC, a man with the same name tweeted that he was using the UAV to film until it hit the skyscraper.

The pilot made it easy for cops to arrest him by asking the building's security personnel for his drone back. In the tweet we linked above, the user said he was with security getting a background check. According to Reuters, nobody was injured and no property was damaged, but Riddle is facing charges of reckless endangerment and navigation in and over the city. Last year, a 26-year-old teacher was also arrested for crashing a drone at the US Open, ruining the hobby for all responsible pilots out there.

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