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Humble Bundle is funding its own games

You'll have to sign up for Humble's subscription service to get first crack.

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Now that the Humble Bundle crew has a monthly indie game subscription service, you might be wondering: how is it going to keep you coming back for more? By offering exclusive games, that's how. The outfit tells Destructoid that it's funding small titles, to be called Humble Originals, that you'll get first through a Humble Monthly subscription. The first example is Mighty Rabbit Studios' Elephant in the Room (above), included in the February offer. They won't necessarily be permanent exclusives, but you may have to wait a while if you're bent on buying games one at a time.

That policy isn't going to thrill you if you believe that indie games shouldn't be confined to specific services. However, it could make sense for tiny studios eager to get noticed. After a modest start this fall, Humble Monthly has over 70,000 subscribers -- that's a lot of people who could spread the buzz about a game that might otherwise fly underneath the radar. Even if you don't fork over the $12 per month to get early access, you may find yourself playing more unexpected hits.

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