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Grammycam footage during last night's show was pretty terrible

Unless you like closeups of hands and awkward angles of musicians.
Billy Steele, @wmsteele
02.16.16 in AV
Getty Images

It seemed like a solid idea. GoPro cameras in the base of those gold Grammy award statues were meant to capture a unique perspective of the music industry's annual party. However, the results were really pretty awful. Those so-called Grammycams performed well, offering views from the stage as winners accepted awards and spouted thank yous to the crowd. Unfortunately, most of the sights were awkward angles of musicians and a lot of closeups of hands.

Based on the coverage and archived clips, it was almost as if the nominees weren't told about the tech. Taylor Swift seemed to notice the tiny camera capturing her acceptance speech, while others either blocked the lens or kept it angled towards themselves for rather unflattering views. Perhaps next year the Grammy Awards producers will figure out a way to better use the setup, but for now, you can relive some awkward angles from last night down before.

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