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TwitchCon 2016 moves to San Diego

The conference has outgrown San Francisco's Moscone Center.

TwitchCon is heading south. Following the broadcasting service's inaugural fan meetup/streaming workshop/Deadmau5 concert at San Francisco's Moscone Center last year, it's heading to San Diego and that city's convention center for a second event with a fair bit more elbow room. The venue isn't the only thing that's changing, however. TwitchCon 2016 will also take place a bit later on the calendar and last a day longer -- September 30th through October 2nd versus 2015's September 25th and 26th.

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Expecting Amazon's $970 million baby to rent or fill the con center's some 2.6 million square feet (a la Comic Con and its typical 130,000 attendees) could be a bit of a stretch, though. Twitch could just rent one of the center's individual, but still larger-than-Moscone halls.

Over the entire weekend last year there were 20,000 attendees, but, when I was there, Moscone West never felt exactly crowded in terms of either exhibitors or attendees. Of course, people were lined up around the block before the doors open the first day. But after that I didn't have to wait in line for more than a few minutes anywhere else over the weekend. It was really comfortable, friendly and, more importantly not exceptionally loud or noisy.

If there's anything to glean from this, it's that Twitch has much bigger plans for this year's event.

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