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'Viva Ex Vivo' brings the microscopic world to your PS4

It's 'Fantastic Voyage' in video game form.

Are Fantastic Voyage and Innerspace some of your favorite movies? Do you rewatch Cosmos just to see the microbiology segments? If so, we have the game for you. Truant Pixel has unveiled Viva Ex Vivo, an exploration/survival hybrid for the PlayStation 4 that has you guiding a tiny probe through microscopic worlds like a glop of mud or a tissue sample. It's effectively a biology class writ large. You live or die based on your ability to find organic particles, and innocuous organisms like immune systems and tardigrades are suddenly massive threats. The game even generates mini ecosystems on the fly, so your success may hinge on your ability to understand where you're likely to find sustenance.

VEV should reach Sony's console sometime this summer, but the most interesting part might come afterward. The developer is promising a free PlayStation VR mode as soon as it's an option, so you could soon be dodging cells as if you really were swimming through a dewdrop or someone's bloodstream.

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