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'Star Fox Guard' is bundled with 'Zero' April 22nd

'Guard' was actually shown off at E3 a few years ago, under a different name.

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Slippy Toad has a chance to shine come on April 22nd this year. But more than just playing a support role the game you already knew about, Star Fox Zero, there's more action in the form of Star Fox Guard. It's a game that sounds an awful lot like a tower defense title. It stars Slippy and his uncle Grippy and you're managing cameras to battle foes, and, well, it sounds like there's a quasi-Super Mario Maker element of sharing your creations online, too. This might look familiar if you paid attention to Nintendo's E3 presentation a few years back as Project Guard.

It'll come bundled with the physical version of Star Fox Zero, which is sporting a co-op mode wherein one player pilots the Arwing and another controls its guns. If you're buying digitally you can opt to not grab Guard, or you can grab a bundle. It's up to you!

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