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'Rock Band 4' for PC will offer every DLC song ever for $2,500

You could buy real instruments for that much.

Unlike on other platforms that have access to most every song in the franchise's archives, Rock Band 4 for the PC comes with no previous DLC content. As such, Harmonix has added an additional tier to its fan-funded Fig campaign that would give backers at that level every single song in the Rock Band DLC library. The only hitch: you're going to have to shell out a whopping $2,500 for it. Well, that and the campaign still needs to raise another two thirds of its $1.5 million funding goal in the next 11 days.

Still, that's way cheaper than the alternative of shelling out $2 a song, individually. In all, the archive will contain more than 2,000 songs -- though that number will fluctuate given licensing rules. The company is reportedly considering offering a similar deal for PS4 and XBox One owners as well.

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