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Some iOS 9.3 users can't visit web links

Upgrading to the new software may make it tough to tap links, even in third-party apps.

As important an update as iOS 9.3 may be, it's clear that Apple still has to work out a few kinks. Some users are reporting that they can't open web links after the upgrade, whether it's in official apps (such as Mail, Messages and Safari) or, in some cases, third-party apps like Chrome. If you're affected, tapping a link either does nothing or triggers nasty crashes and freezes. Some users report having success by using other apps, toggling JavaScript off and on or uninstalling apps that use Safari extensions, but there don't appear any surefire fixes.

We've asked Apple what it's doing to address the bug, although at least one user on Apple's forums understands that the company already escalated the issue to its engineers. If so, you'll likely see a fix arrive in the near future. The link bug doesn't appear to affect most users, but it's safe to say that a patch can't come soon enough if you're noticing this problem.

Update: Apple says it's "aware of this issue," and "will release a fix in a software update soon."

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