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EE TV lets you download recordings to phones and tablets

An alternative to on-demand apps.

EE TV is a combination of free-to-view TV channels, DVR-style recording and on-demand apps like BBC iPlayer and Now TV. Today, it's being updated with "Recordings to Go," a new feature that lets customers watch their saved programmes on the move. You can set and manage TV recordings through the EE TV app, which are then handled by the EE box in your living room. Once they've been recorded, you can download them to your phone or tablet over your home's WiFi network, making them accessible anywhere and, perhaps more importantly, offline.

Recording and playback should work for all of EE's roughly 70 free-to-view TV channels. Better yet, there are no time restrictions -- so unlike BBC iPlayer, you can record The Night Manager and watch it indefinitely. EE has also updated its mobile app today so the guide experience is the same across your set-top box, phone and tablet. It's a small change, but one that should make the entire experience feel just a little more cohesive.

EE TV is still a niche proposition. That's because it's exclusive to EE's broadband customers, ruling out anyone with a BT, Sky or Virgin Media connection. It's a nice EE extra that could tempt people to switch -- especially those who are disinterested in expensive satellite TV packages. But there are other ways to get free-to-view TV and DVR functionality in your living room, which is why today's mobile access is so important for EE. Recordings to Go is a pretty unique selling point, and one the company should market heavily in order to boost its slim subscriber base.

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