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How Technology is Changing our Vacations: Relive All of your Vacation Memories with These Three Travel-Sized Cameras

Daniel Choi

Summer is quickly approaching and vacation season is upon us. Vacation— just hearing the word makes you want to drift away to your happy place, whether it's the ocean, mountains, countryside or city. Vacations are the essential breaks from our lives that give us time to reflect, relax, and rejuvenate. It's where we make unforgettable memories and where we remember what's important. It's those moments that you wish could last forever, but eventually, all vacations end. With advancements in technology creating an enhanced vacation experience, we can now capture those moments more profoundly without having to lug around heavy camera equipment. Below are 3 of the best compact and easy-to-use gadgets that allow you to record your vacation and still live in the moment.

GoPro Action Camera
The GoPro camera is the industry benchmark for recording all your extreme (or not so extreme) moments while on vacation. Relax-cationers and extreme sports enthusiasts alike love the powerful HD recording capabilities and durability of the palm-sized camera. Vacationers can take a GoPro everywhere, from the rainforest to the ski resort to an under water snorkeling adventure, and record their special moments at the drop of a hat with no hassle.

You might have thought that dash cams were only for police cars and insurance liability, but wait until you see an, Full HD video of a shooting star captured on a THINKWARE DASH CAM X500. Thinkware's High-tech Full HD recording dash cam is the perfect gadget to accompany your next road trip. The THINKWARE DASH CAM X500 can record everything from beautiful scenery to unforeseen incidents. It puts you at ease during all of those hours spent behind the steering wheel while keeping a record of the memorable duets and road trip games—I spy with my little eye the perfect travel buddy. The camera can record breathtaking moments during the sunniest of days and the darkest of nights where you might even be lucky enough to see some nocturnal wildlife or a meteor shower.

DJI Drone
Drones were initially seen as hobbyist toys or military aids but have become a mainstream tool for getting the perfect perspective in your home videos. Now anyone can instantly become a landscape cinematographer and capture the true beauty of the places they visit. There are many drone brands that offer HD quality video from unique aerial vantage points, like the DJI Drone. This industry leader in flying and camera stabilization systems provides the perfect view, quality shots, a lightweight body and unparalleled flying precision.

As technology evolves, so do the ways in which we capture and share those special moments, on vacation or otherwise. We no longer have to share slideshows of our most recent trip during the next family get together or carry around a heave video camera to get the perfect video montage of that cross country road trip. Consumers are upping their vacation-sharing game through dynamic content shot with affordable high-end cameras designed to turn you into the ultimate jetsetter on social media or share your experiences with your closest friends.

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