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Oculus is helping students and nonprofits create VR content

The "VR for Good" project will help produce a number of 360-degree videos.
Billy Steele
05.16.16 in AV
Florian Gaertner/Photothek via Getty Images

There's no doubting the ability of VR to create immersive experiences for gaming and other forms of entertainment. However, Oculus wants to make sure nonprofit organizations and students have the opportunity to tap into those possibilities as well. To lend a hand, the virtual reality company announced a two-fold initiative called "VR for Good." One part of the project will partner up 10 nonprofits with "rising filmmakers" to create 360-degree videos for virtual reality. Organizations will get two days worth of training at Facebook headquarters, Nokia OZO cameras and post-production help. What's more, the collection of videos will debut at Sundance next year.

Oculus is also looking to lend a hand with students who are interested in VR. The company is pairing nine high schools in the San Francisco area with pro filmmakers to capture short 360 video about their communities. What's more, the students will get to use a Samsung Gear VR, Galaxy S6, Ricoh Theta S 360 cameras, editing software and help from mentors to create the short films. As you might expect, you'll be able to watch the finished pieces on Facebook and Oculus Video when the six-week program is over.

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