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Razer's first US retail store is also an arcade

Get thee to the San Francisco Westfield on May 21st.

Console gaming killed the American arcade, but it's possible that PC gaming might be responsible for the resurrection. Razer is opening its first US-based retail store in San Francisco but it sounds more like the arcades of yore than a high-end retailer. The centerpiece of the 1,300 square foot, two level outlet is the 20 "gaming stations" where patrons are encouraged to "stay all day and play games." In addition, the company will support the local community with regular gaming competitions, which will be broadcast on the store's 16 x 9-foot video wall.

It's the fourth Razer location to open but the first on this continent, with previous launches taking place in Manila, Taipei and Bangkok. It's a matter of hometown pride that the first US store would open in SF, since the company has an office just down the street. If you, too, are based in the Golden City (or nearby) then you can head down to the grand ribbon cutting this Saturday at 10am PT. Although, given the company's passionate fan base, you might want to get in line a few hours beforehand.

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