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Twitter reportedly disbands Commerce team behind its Buy button

The company says it is 'moving fully into Dynamic Product Ads.'

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A couple of years ago Twitter slid into commerce by enabling a "Buy" button that would let users flow directly into the purchase process from an ad. Now, according to a report by Buzzfeed, the company has "curtailed" development on the button, and for the team behind it, many have left the company, while others have been reassigned to work on customer service or dynamic product ads.

The "Buy Now" card is still active, and in a statement Twitter said it "made a change 3 months ago to INCREASE our investment in commerce by moving fully into Dynamic Product Ads." Focusing on ads may do better for Twitter, but as mentioned in Fortune, the other question is how well commerce efforts are going at competitors like Facebook and Pinterest -- which have so far been quiet about results from similar features.

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