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Snapchat Discover update adds subscriptions and previews

It's part of some user-friendly renovations to the app's branded content space.

Snapchat's Discover page has always felt a bit like an afterthought, despite how much revenue the company expects to make with that particular feature. So, to make that tab a little more user- and advertiser-friendly, TechCrunch reports the company is adding image and headline previews to drive users through to each publisher's content.

In addition to the previews, which are dynamic and will refresh as new content is added, the update also allows users to subscribe to individual Discover channels. Once you're subscribed, that channel's latest updates will show up alongside the user-generated content and recent posts from your friends on the Stories page.

It's definitely a small change from simply hiding publisher's content behind a row of logos and letting dive in seemingly at random, but it should be a welcome one for The Olds who are still figuring out how to navigate Snapchat's various features. And don't be surprised if more sponsored content and direct sales start showing up in there either.

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