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Image credit: Lisa Maree Williams/Bloomberg via Getty Images

iOS 10 can livestream your games

You'll soon share your iPhone gaming sessions with the rest of the world.
Lisa Maree Williams/Bloomberg via Getty Images

You won't have to use an Android phone if you want to livestream your mobile gaming sessions. Apple has revealed that iOS 10 will include ReplayKit Live, a feature that livestreams apps in addition to previous recording support. As you might expect, you can also include your own audio or video remarks. You'll have to wait for both iOS 10 and supporting apps, of course (Mobcrush is one of the first to make plans), but it could be a big deal for iOS gamers who've wanted to share a hot new title while they're playing it. ReplayKit Live should be useful in more productive apps, too -- it could help teachers demonstrate concepts through educational apps, or open the window to live technical help.

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