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This Redditor stumbled upon a hidden porn game on an '80s Mac

'MacPlaymate' may not be winning any GOTY awards, but it'll raise some eyebrows.

Think about the last time you bought something off of Craigslist. Was it a computer? Did you happen to find anything ancient and awesome on it? Most might shudder to think what could be procured from older tech these days, but one Redditor lucked out when they purchased an old 1980s Macintosh SE to flip into a working computer.

The buyer, wowbobwow, managed to uncover a seriously dated piece of X-rated software known only as MacPlaymate. Created back in 1986 by artist and software designer Mike Saenz, the game is billed as "interactive erotica," which isn't unfamiliar territory these days by any means, but extremely attention-grabbing back then, and quite a find for someone to accidentally happen upon.

It starred virtual vixen Maxie, with whom players could use a variety of sex toys on or watch her interact with other characters in steamy scenes.

The infamous application was massively popular back when it released, and for good reason. Its explicit nature caused its own share of controversy, but it's surprisingly free with its content and looks like an interesting alternatives to run-of-the-mill porn, especially for its time.

Want to mingle with Maxie? You can view an extremely NSFW demo here if you so desire, or download MacPlaymate for yourself to give it a spin via the Mac repository to see how it holds up today.

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