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Facebook Live now lets you hide comments, stream for longer

Now you can broadcast full screen for up to four hours.

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If you've been waiting for Facebook Live to offer bigger, longer broadcasts, this is your week. The social network just announced updates for its broadccasting platform that will allow longer, full screen videos with less distractions. Soon, the company says that all users will be able to broadcast for as long as four hours per session, more than doubling the length they could stream without sacrificing VOD archives.

Facebook is also enabling a "video-only" mode that hides viewer comments and reactions. Swiping right will clear the screen for a distraction-free broadcast, temporarily removing viewer interaction from the equation. Finally, the update will enable broadcasters to go live in full screen -- but this feature varies by OS: iOS will be able to broadcast in ful lscreen from both portrait and landscape mode, but Android users will have to wait for an update for the latter orientation.

These features will be rolling out to select users soon, and general users over the coming weeks.

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