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Apple Music for Android is officially out of beta

And finally adds a custom equalizer.

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For the past 10 months, Apple Music's Android version has been sitting in Beta. That changes with the 1.0 update that just hit the Google Play Store today. While the latest version fixes some bigs and adds the long-missing custom equalizer feature, users still won't be able to get Apple Music running on an Android tablet.

Although it was initially identical to its iOS counterpart, Apple has been slowly adding features to the Android version of its music app to take advantage of non-Apple hardware. Earlier this year, the Android version got a homescreen widget and the ability to save offline music to SD card storage. On the other hand, that missing equalizer was likely a symptom of porting the app from iOS, where that feature is tucked away in the Settings app.

The new version is available via Google Play, and if you're anticipating streaming Frank Ocean's latest once it hits the service later this week, the free three-month trial offer still stands.

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