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Beat the world at 'Forza' and drive away with a Ford Focus RS

The first-ever Forza Racing Championship series open sign-ups are live.

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Your skills at driving supercars around on Forza's meticulously detailed racetracks could net you a real ride. The top prize in the first-ever Forza Racing Championship is a 2017 Ford Focus RS -- an almost $40,000 and 350 HP hatchback built with pure performance in mind. Sign-ups are open right now for the ESL-ran event, with the first Elite Cup races starting August 8th.

Qualifying rounds will follow each week after and the top four competitors from each event will go onto the Grand Finals. Oh, right: This only applies to last year's Forza Motorsport 6, so if you were hoping all that time spent in Forza Horizon 2's Nice, France would pay off, you're out of luck. Maybe next year?

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