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SoundCloud Go now streams to Sonos connected speakers

If the streaming service is going to catch on, it needs to be in as many places as possible.
Billy Steele
08.09.16 in Services

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The number of options for Sonos owners to stream music to their connected speakers continues to expand. SoundCloud announced today that its subscription service is now available on the popular multi-room audio setup. Launched in March, SoundCloud Go is the long-rumored monthly subscription option from the music library that's been a go-to spot for creators and listeners alike. The service still has some issues to work out, but if SoundCloud wants it to catch on, it needs to offer the option to users in as many places as possible. And that includes working with some of the best speakers on the market.

SoundCloud Go subscribers who already own Sonos gear will be able to get up and running quickly. All you have to do is connect the service inside the Sonos Controller app and you'll be good to go. If you've got those speakers on your shelf and want to give Go a shot, SoundCloud is offering a 30-day trial. Once that first month is up though, expect to pay $10 a month for the subscription ($3 more if you sign up with an iOS device). For that price, you'll get access to library of 125 million songs, but SoundCloud Go's interface is a bit clunky as it stands and the song lineup lacks some key selections.

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