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The slim PS4 is looking realer every day (updated)

Video and an additional leak show that Sony's new console isn't just a daydream.
Jon Fingas, @jonfingas
08.22.16 in AV

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When photos of a purported slim PS4 redesign emerged, you could hear the skeptics' cries from a mile away: fake! Photoshopped! However, it looks like this new console is very much real. Eurogamer visited the person who bought the unreleased console from a Gumtree listing, and has posted video (below) proving that this is a real, working game system. You'll have to wait until later for more details, but what you saw before holds true: it's smaller, rounder and more utilitarian than the original.

Also, there's further support for beliefs that this is a new basic model, not the 4K-ready Neo. Wall Street Journal sources understand that there will be a "new PlayStation 4 standard model" alongside the Neo at Sony's September 7th event. While the tip is shy on details (there's no price or ship date), analysts suspect that it'll be less expensive than the $350 system you can buy today. Frankly, that's only logical. The slim PS4 certainly looks like it was subject to some cost-cutting, and Sony likely wants to close the price gap with the $300 Xbox One S as quickly as possible.

Update: Eurogamer says that "Upon taking legal advice" it has decided to remove the video, however, there are still pictures of the unit and the outlet still says it's the real thing.

Update 2: A separate video appears to show a matching new DualShock 4 with a lightbar that's visible from above.

Update 3: A new unboxing video from a user called "ZRZ" spilled pretty much all the beans on the new console and its slim controller, but it has since been taken down.

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