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Nintendo celebrates indie gaming this September

Games like 'Axiom Verge' and 'Jotun' round out the #Nindies Summer Jam promotion.

Nintendo is placing the spotlight squarely on a month's worth of independent games, introducing the #Nindies Summer Jam promotion going on in the Nintendo eShop.

Every Thursday starting September 1st and running through September 30th, Nintendo is releasing several independent hits via the eShop, with some impressive names showing up.

The week of September 1st welcomes Thomas Happ Games' Axiom Verge, an action platformer with a retro aesthetic, while the week of September 8th brings Jotun: Valhalla Edition, a gorgeous, hand-drawn action game based in Norse Mythology.

On the week of September 15th, Noitu Love: Devolution makes its debut, and the week of September 22nd means you can pick up Drinkbox Studios' Severed. Finally, September 30th wraps it all up with Azure Striker GUNVOLT 2, a Nintendo 3DS exclusive.

Each game debuts at 10 percent off its original price during its first week of launch, and if you're interested in learning more about the games themselves, video clips from the developers will be loaded into the Nintendo eShop.

You can get an eyeful of the games in the sizzle reel below.

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