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The new Google+ is coming for all users soon

The social network's users will see changes rolling out over the next few days.

The new Google+ is slowly being rolled out to additional users over the next few days, according to Danielle Buckley, Product Manager at Google. Finally, anyone who wasn't able to take a look at the new features back when the preview was introduced last November will get a chance to sift through the changes.

Additional features are coming to the network, like the ability to add photos or links to comments, a new notification center where you can check out your recent activity on Google+ and approved posting options for Community owners and moderators.

In the coming days, regular Google+ pages will be upgraded with the new additions upon sign-in with the ability to swap back to the old version for right now. The changes will be available across PC, Android and iOS.

Google will also be making Collections and Communities available to more organizations in the future, with Google Apps users who utilize Google+ seeing the changes today.

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